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Where the wild things aren't.

welcome to a soul enchanted, the R/K shipping community of the two nights of productivity network.
we are not srs bsns. well, we are a little.
everything will be moderated, from the posts to the members wanting to join. we are trying to keep the riff-raff out and the epic but realistic luuurve for r/k in the building.

you can post anything r/k related, and it doesn't have to be just a post about robert and kristen. it can be about them by themselves, but only if it's news worthy.
example of something not to post: omg guise guise guise look @ this pic of kristin she iz totez thinking of rob!!!!! you know. use your sense!

we all love robert and kristen, both together and separately (well, for some of you, that may not be the case), so have some respect. playfulness is hilarious. bashing is doucheworthy and we will ban yo asses.

just for re-emphasis, bashing is asshattery. don't do it. period. that includes oregano and nikki. be kind, please rewind. and always, always tag your posts.

what to post @ asoulenchanted:
any r/k goodness - that includes icons, graphics, fanvids, fanfics, news articles, etc.

what not to post @ asoulenchanted:
anything that stops being fanly and starts being creepy. if there is some srs bsns eye sex going on in a video and you want to post it so we can squee about it, then aaaaaaaawright. if you want to post a play-by-play analysis of an interview that includes something like at :22 rob scratches his crotch, obv he has a boner bc of kristin!!!!! then we will delete your post. also, this is not an edward and bella community. aside from production stuff, this is not the place for your movie icons.

the rules are subject to change, but we will give you warning. we are not about asshattery here. if you continue to post material here that the mods all find to be a) bashing, b) stupid or c) creepy - we will privately warn you. if you continue, we will ban your ass. it doesn't mean we don't love you, but there are other places for that fuckery. you are allowed to appeal your ban once. a ban is a unanimous decision among the three moderators; no, we will not get bitch happy and start pressing the ban button because we think your graphics suck. we are not about hate here. if it's brought to our attention that any member of ase is a member of a community that is considered a hate comm (against either r/k or anyone celebrated by the TNP Network) by our majority, we will ban said member without warning. period. you are again welcome to appeal your ban via our page-a-mod, if you feel you were banned unfairly.

membership to asoulenchanted is open but moderated.
please see this post regarding new membership rules. you must read and comment there to have your membership approved. have questions? please see and use our page-a-mod.

please read over these before posting:
what is and is not acceptable, by lindsey.
graphics rules, by maggie.
the what ifs, by mary.
the fanfic rules, by sadie.
detailed fanfic guidelines - asoulenchanted only allows R/K fics.
tag guidelines

find us on twitter @tnpnetwork

two nights of productivity network mods -- who should be treated the way you treat ASE mods -- are so_i_go (Hayley), lovepollution (Helen), astairway (Jacee), kate_stew (Kate), and denoftrolls (Erin). Respect them the way you would a mod, and if they tell you to do/not do something, please listen.

want to be affiliates? pm one of your four mods.
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if you think we are taking this community too srsly, you can shove it.

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