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15 April 2010 @ 07:25 pm
If you've applied for membership at asoulenchanted and you've been denied, it's not because we hate you. I promise. 99.9% of the time, your request to join ASE has not been approved because you have not read THIS RULES POST closely and then followed through with all the guidelines.

If you have less than 50 comments on LJ, you can easily increase your comment count by commenting in other communities or in some entries on your friend list.

Please don't assume that because you're a well-known name in another community that we're going to accept you on that alone. Everyone has to read and follow those rules.

If you have any other questions, feel free to use our Page-A-Mod. Thanks!

26 March 2010 @ 01:56 pm
UNLESS WE ASK FOR A PM, PLEASE DON'T PM THE asoulenchanted MODS. It's not that we don't want to answer you. We do. It's that our inboxes fill up so quickly, we don't want your PM to get lost in the mix!

To encourage the members of asoulenchanted to be able to communicate better -- and more effictiently -- with the mods, we are introducing the ohsopopular Page-A-Mod system.

I'm sure some of you are familiar with this system from other comms around LJ, and we're hoping this will be an effective option for your questions/concerns to be addressed faster and in a less intimidating setting. Honestly, I'm not sure why we haven't set this up long before now!

There are three of us mods here at ASE, so your comment should get a reply in a short amount of time. That being said, all three of your mods here at asoulenchanted are university students, and as such sometimes get busy. Don't worry if it takes a little bit for us to answer your comment, we promise we'll answer as soon as we are able!

Feel free to use this place to ask questions, voice concerns/opinions on how asoulenchanted is being run, and/or to give us a heads up on any ideas you might have for the community. This is also a place to report and/or make any complaints regarding the community and/or one of our members.

In addition if you're ever curious about content you'd like to post in asoulenchanted and are unsure if it's appropriate, this is the best place to get a quick yes or no. Likewise, if you got an angryface "mod." comment and you aren't sure why your comment broke/bent our rules, you can ask here.

Questions about ASE membership, or membership within any of the Two Nights of Productivity Network communities, should be directed here.

So here's how this works: After commenting, your message will be automatically screened until viewed by a mod, and upon reading and responding, the mod will then decide if it’s okay to unscreen the comment or not. Don't worry if it's a more private question or concern, we'll be sure to keep it screened.

26 February 2010 @ 12:52 am
I'm about to make a few people really happy. I think. Maybe.


Membership IS MODERATED, but it is open once again! If your membership isn't immediately approved, give us some time to get to your request before PMing us. I promise, we won't arbitrarily skip you! Please READ THE RULES before joining! All of them. We are going to be updating the rules soon, so please keep a look out for a !modpost having to do with that in the near future.

Also, while I've got everyone's attention re: membership, we will be doing a membership-cut within the next few weeks. Please be aware of that now, and look for it! We haven't had a member-cut in quite some time. So. Even in R/K "downtime", there is still stuff going on here! Come hang out! More details about this to come, but we wanted all current members and any soon-to-be members to be aware that participation is important, whether you think we notice you or not; we do.

We know that there are people looking to join in order to have access to fics rec'd and linked from indpndentpeople, and that's awesome...but please, don't just lurk the fanfic. Come out and join us in other things as well. :)

Your mods here are Maggie glycerineclown, Sadie windtrails, and moi (Mary). And now, without further ado, we welcome you to asoulenchanted!

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09 November 2009 @ 03:28 am
If you find yourself reading this, and are no longer able to see other members-only posts, we're sorry, but you were cut from the asoulenchanted member list.

We your mods were so glad you joined us here, for whatever reason, and we hope that someday we'll all meet again out on the wonderful world-wide-web.

IF, and that is a huge IF you were removed from the community and you commented to the MOST RECENT post that Maggie glycerineclown made last week (the first week of November, 2009), feel free to PM either Maggie or myself. We looked over the comments and the membership list thoroughly, but of course we do sometimes make mistakes. However, if you are simply looking to re-join the community, please don't harass us. Please. Should ASE open membership again, we promise to let you know. No hard feelings to anyone who was cut.

For those of you looking to read lindseyrkrpf's fanfic, she is slowly adding her awesome work back on her LJ. You can also check out robsten2008 to read Two Thousand Eight, including the last three chapters and epilogue that were at one time members-only exclusives. Maggie's work is archived at soullesschild and my own work can be found at dying_obvious, should you be so inclined. Also, there are the set_break and twilight_rpf communities, both of which archive a lot of the fanfic members have access to here. Any other authors' works can probably be acquired through a PM directly to that author. Thank you!

/long ass post.
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02 June 2009 @ 12:06 am

The time has come loves! One week and +100 new members later [holy shit...I mean really, holy shit], new membership to asoulenchanted is once again closed. Right now, I cannot say when (or if) we will be opening membership in the future. Of course, I (or one of your other mods) will let you know.

Welcome to the all the new members! Have fun, make yourselves at home, ogle R/K looking fierce and winning shit at the MTV Movie Awards, but please, be sure to read the rules and our tag guidelines before submitting a post.

Cheers for now, bbs. <3

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*clears throat*

Alright bbs, as Lindsey and myself have inboxes that are exploding (and we are both going to prematurely bald), I'm just here to announce that membership to asoulenchanted is temporarily open again (still moderated). I will be closing membership again in one week. Seven days. Next Tuesday. Okay? Okay.

I feel like a telemarketer - "For a limited time only, respond now for your very own membership! This offer won't last forever, folks!" That makes me sound like a pompous asshole.

I've no idea what's going on. How is that, Rob?

Yes. Exactly.
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24 April 2009 @ 04:18 pm

I realize this is a R/K community, but Richard Edwards is here to help me let everyone know that for right now at least, new membership to asoulenchanted is closed.

If you were a member who was cut after I filtered through the membership poll, you can still comment to the public entry below. However, I will be closing comments to that entry after the weekend, giving anyone who was cut until Monday, April 27, 2009 at 11:00pm EST (USA) to respond.

If you were a member who was cut for any other reason, and you would already know why, you may still PM me, mangobaby, with any questions/comments. Comments to this entry are disabled, but if you want to PM me with any burning concerns, you are more than welcome to do so! I really don't bite, I promise. :D

Richard and I, as well as Maggie, Lindsey, and Sadie, wish you all a very happy weekend!
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19 April 2009 @ 10:49 pm
I just finished the EPIC membership filter. It didn't hurt my fingers, but it may have hurt my soul. Or not. Don't worry.

This is a public post, so, if you are reading this and the only other entry you can see is the Intro post, you were cut. No, not because we are ~elitist bitches...that's only part of it. If you were cut it is because you did not respond to the Membership Filter "Poll" that I posted a few weeks ago (or maybe you did and LJ is a total hoar...this is plausible; in that case, sorry for your cut, but I had no way of knowing).

If you were cut and you'd like to be a member again, comment here and rejoin. IF YOU WERE CUT, AND DO NOT COMMENT HERE TO COME BACK? WE WILL NOT RE-APPROVE YOUR MEMBERSHIP. We want to know that you're real...if you can't comment to this post, well, too bad. I mean, really, all we ask is that you participate in the comm. Seriously, no more lurking, THAT MEANS EVERYONE, and that you pay attention to the Membership posts - to all !Modposts, really.

NOTE: If you were cut and re-accepted...and we later have to cut you again, we won't approve your membership a third time. Sorry, we don't hate you and it's nothing personal; that's just how it is.

Questions? Think we're being too bitchy? Feel free to PM us.

Thank you. Now back your regularly scheduled programming.
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10 March 2009 @ 02:24 pm
Welcome to asoulenchanted, we are so happy to have you! You're now under the moderation of the Holy Administration, run by myself/Sadie (windtrails), the goddess known as Lindsey (lindseyrkrpf), the amazing Mary (mangobaby) and the always lovely Maggie (glycerineclown). As a result of the chaos that's come about in recent months over Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, we decided to set up a new home for everyone who loves the Epic Ship and is also mature. Now, don't get us wrong, we love to joke around and don't actually care for srs bsns all the time but we do expect everyone here to act like civil adults. Or as Lindsey so accurately put it, we don't want omg guise guise guise look @ this pic of kristin she iz totez thinking of rob!!!!!

BIG NO-NO. This place has moderated membership so go ahead and add us but know that we will first be checking you out to make sure you're not a crazy in disguise. Consider us the R/K Police. We're thorough, I promise. So, read over the rules in our profile and then add us. Thanks for checking us out, enjoy your stay, we're cheap cops so no cookies or donuts. DAMMIT, you shippers are so demanding!